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I love him!

oil on canvas 14″X18″

Day Tripping ..Portland,Maine






We headed to the eastern Portland today for a few things, namely a camera for Chris and art supplies for me. On the drive home, we stopped off on a little island just north. I really do love the eastern shore. Heading home now..

Discovering my home town Gorham, New Hampshire



The start of Mt Surprise.

IMG_4628 IMG_4627A sweet pedestrian and pup bridge I found.IMG_4626These are everywhere right now!

Gorham is small town, around 3000 people. It’s in northern New Hampshire on the Northern end of the White Mountains. There is so much to see here, so much to discover. Every day I wake up ready to explore my new home. Life is good now and I am awake and aware to all of the goodness.

on the easel


Well I sold the turtle piece..yay..but now I need another large piece for the show. This is a small piece I’m working on. I think it would also make a really great big piece. I love this little guy already!


oil on canvas 30″x30″

I’m going to be showing my art at the Gorham, NH Art Walk on August 12. While I’ve had my art up in cafés/galleries.. this is new for me. I’ll be physically present and will be engaged with those looking at my work and the other artists around me.
I usually hear feed back second hand or via an email. I’m a bit nervous, but it’s good for me and my work to step out of my comfort zone.
This piece will be up for the show.

evening stroll in town



The Falls in Jackson



One of my favorite towns in NH is Jackson. This afternoon I made my first trip to the falls there. Beautiful! a bit slippery, I wiped out once, so did my poor pup.
I’ll be back..

the rest of the day

We took an early dinner in Jackson at the Eagle Mountain House. I love this place, it’s so incredibly beautiful and peaceful. The inn has a large porch shared by a patio restaurant and about 20 rocking chairs for just hanging out in. It was a perfect afternoon.

20140720-200129-72089831.jpg20140720-200131-72091057.jpgWe then took the long way home through Crawford Notch. We were lucky enough to have a fox join us and got to watch him for awhile. He was quite healthy and active. It was a treat! This was the second time we’ve seen a fox in this area; I believe it might be the same beautiful guy.

20140720-200131-72091492.jpg 20140720-200133-72093100.jpg 20140720-200131-72091988.jpg 20140720-200132-72092468.jpg10505614_632160263558245_2264519046585801390_n

Proteus Falls…in the hood

20140720-195247-71567046.jpgTook a quick little trek into the woods today. One of the electricians who has been doing some work on the house told me about this spot. It was close to home and a big bang for the buck. The trail was .1 miles…and it was lovely the whole way.






Source to Sea Day Six on the Androscoggin River

I did two legs of the Androscoggin River Watershed Council’s Source to Sea far. Hopefully I will get to do a few more days. These are pictures are from my second trek…from Shelburne NH to Gilead ME. It really was a beautiful day and a great stretch of the river.

The Androscoggin River used to be one of the most polluted rivers in the United States. Twenty years ago you could smell the river from a distance and children grew up being told to stay away from it’s shores. The Source to Sea event helps to highlight this river and the efforts taken to clean it up.

I highly recommend this event and spending time on this beautiful water.


10392272_539143492858688_3384794587667023497_n 10478083_539143496192021_6007109441555451945_n 10543651_539143499525354_7660335612022272815_n 10525696_539143502858687_3452361056225573822_n 10533101_539143506192020_770878674997565774_n 10409660_539143639525340_4064214879559969669_n 10489766_539143632858674_6893533830623772154_n 10562981_539143636192007_3192073523540205102_n


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