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Blair Bridge












still working on this guy

Flower Bearer


oil on canvas 18″X24″

come play with me


oil on canvas 30″X30″

First Snow

IMG_6028 IMG_6034 IMG_6032 IMG_6031 IMG_6030 IMG_6044 IMG_6027

Luka and I went a our first hike in two weeks, poor thing, she has been definitely deprived of her weekly and once daily hikes. We chose Howker Trail in Randolph because we’d have the chance to see 3 waterfalls. We saw two of them. The path was so slippery with leaves over tree roots. I was worried more for Luka than myself, even though I was the one slipping. It was lovely AND it was snowing! Which made me realize that I need to get snow tires soon!

Art Show

I have my art on the back wall of the White Mountain Cafe in Gorham, New Hampshire for November and December!IMG_6023



completed and SOLD



The image is from a sketch artist Laurie Jean Kramer gave me, I love her art!! I told her I was going to paint her drawing.. I am not quite done, but I love her so much.

When a blog ends

there’s something sad about a blog that has ended

There are blogs that start and two entries later they are done, they just never got their blog wings. Then there are blogs with several years worth of posts; there is often and ebb and flow, sometimes the blogger will have been very prolific followed by months of scarcely a word. Then one day it just stops.

There is nothing more to say I guess.

The writing ends and the words left behind just float in cyberspace leaving the reader to wonder happened in the blogger’s world to end his writing. Sometimes the subject matter of the blog is short lived; I’ve written blogs based on assignments I had in art school…once the class ended, the purpose of the blog ended as well. Sometimes people blog to be read by others and when they realize that no one is reading their blog, they cease to write. I write for myself. If someone reads what I write that’s nice, I’m even flattered, but at the end of the day, my words are are record of my own days.

Sometimes I feel that a blogger has given up. I’m not sure what they’ve given up though. I get invested in blogs and when they end, I’m left hanging. I want to know what became of the blogger.

I just don’t want the story end.


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