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lilac memories


When I was a child, I was given a  perfumed cream from Avon. It came in small apple shaped pin…the scent of the cream was lilac. Tonight when I smelled the lilac growing in my yard a flood of memories came back. Scents always bring me back. They also have a tremendous effect on my wellbeing. Well good scents do. Jasmine and honeysuckle, lilac and tuberoses. I must remember this…





It’s spring! Everything has exploded!

There are leaves on the large tree outside my window. The grass is too long but my mower won’t start. I looked at the mountains on my way into town and they were green green. It’s like spring happened over night.

I’ve been slowly making progress on my garden boxes. I’ve got one filled with dirt now.


I’d show that picture but my phone/camera was acting funny and wouldn’t let me take a picture. In the process of building the box, I dug up this cool little bottle.


Just as the natural world has too has my life. I am busy beyond belief. there’s work, which just got busier, but I am currently not at liberty to say why; I’ve been commissioned with the task of coordinating an art show at the Berlin WREN space, I’ve been dancing, trying to find time to paint, foraging for fiddleheads, working on a mural project, keeping house and yard duties up, hosting breakfasts and planning parties, playing mahjong, teaching mahjong, and on and on and on. It’s good to be busy..although at times I feel overwhelmed, But better overwhelmed with busyness than contemplating the meaning of life I guess.

Chris and i are planning a trip this summer to Canada..the Bay of Fundy is on my bucket list. In the process of finding care for Luka, I learned how to give the kennel cough vaccination. Life is full of learning, still.

I miss my children though. I miss them deeply and wish they were closer..close enough to see them weekly or at least monthly. But we are nomads, my children and I. Well at least we were and now we are scattered and settled in far away places. Living in a town filled with generations of families has made this longing and missing more on the surface.

My heart is full and broken both. Sometimes it feels like it is held together with scotch tape. It is not a bad just is.

the ice has melted


Ditch the Tech

I finished!! Finally.. After a marathon day of knitting I can say nothing else, but…YAY!


Spring Motivation

I’ve been keeping busy…regular walks with Luka, dancing, mahjong, work, reading, crafting.

Keeping busy is good for my soul. Today, despite the weather, Luka and I headed out to Randolph for a short hike.


The colors of this season are my favorite..pale blue-greys, golden yellows, bold reds.


Luka was beyond excited. She ran twice as far as I walked, at least.


I reflected on how happy I am to be here. I have friends and lots to do. My home is beautiful and I like my job. I’ve got CPB with me and he supports all my desires for fun. Life is good.

Spring and what brings me happiness


Luka and I have been walking every day, sometimes twice, on the trails behind our home. Spring is here.  I love being in a place with distinct season. The timing of the season allows us to savor and really appreciate what is unique and wonderful about each one.

Before my walk I read an article about the Dalai Lama.He was asked what the meaning of life was,; he answered “happiness.” Determining what happiness is each of ourselves is the hard part.

On my walk this morning I thought about what happiness is to me. Here’s my little list:

not feeling anxious

being outside with no limit on my time

seeing my dog happy

seeing the people around me happy, especially my children and my husband

being creative

feeling appreciated..appreciating myself

feeling healthy

dancing…dancing makes me really happy

finishing unfinished projects (actually it’s more like having no unfinished projects)

Today my laundry is on the line..I’m going off to paint and do some yoga..I am happy.

Gorham, New Hampshire

walked out my front door with Luka and took a lovely afternoon walk. 

I feel so lucky to live where I do

I am grateful that I can walk straight into the White Mountains from my neighborhood.

and happy I can make my pup happy too

Jefferson, NH



There is an abandoned or at least, uncared for, property along Route 2. There is a single white home with pine tree shutters and a field with 4 or 5 small cabins that are standing against all odds. In its heyday it must have been very cute. If I had all the money in the world, I would fix this place up and others like it, restoring the lost charm and dignity. There are curtains in the windows of some of the’s amazing that a curtain rod is still able to be held in place, even enough to keep the curtain right where it should be.


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